Bush to Get Firsthand Look at Flooded Iowa Cities

"Families across the country are looking to Washington for a response," President Bush said. (CBS)
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Washington (AP) President Bush this afternoon plans to inspect two of Iowa's flooded cities, where the water is receding but families and businesses are knee-deep in the disheartening aftermath.

Cedar Rapids and Iowa city are the first Midwest stops for the president since heavy rains sent rivers surging over their banks. Bush was in Europe when the severe weather hit last week, but he made a point to show his deep concern from abroad.

Bush first gets a briefing in Cedar Rapids, which has endured its worst flooding ever. The town was submerged by the Cedar River, which crested almost 20 feet above flood stage.

The president then views the damage by helicopter on his way to visit Iowa city, a flood-damaged college town 30 miles to the southeast.