Investigators Looking for Cause of Season's Largest Brush Fire

Investigators are back on the scene of the largest brush fire of the season looking for a cause.

Crews from the Grand Junction Fire Department.. Sheriff's office and Bureau of Land Management battled the five acre blaze for six hours before they got it under control wednesday..

They say one of the biggest challenges was the fact that the fire was hard to get to with their hoses, but crews pumped water out of the river.

No one was injured during the fire and no homes were destroyed. It did come within 50 yards of a building that housed equipment. Firefighters say the weather didn't help...

"With the winds this afternoon, the dry conditions and as hot as it's been - the fire started to blow up quickly,” says Gus Hendricks from the Grand Junction Fire Department.

Fire crews are still on the scene keeping an eye on hotspots while they try to figure out what sparked the flames.