McCain Camp Blasts Obama for Passing On Public Campaign Financing

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., talks to the media during a news conference on his campaign plane en route from Michigan to Washington, DC Tuesday, June 17, 2008.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
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Washington (AP) John McCain's campaign says Barack Obama “has revealed himself to be just another typical politician.”

They're reacting to the Democratic presidential candidate's decision to forgo public financing for his White House campaign.

Obama had made a commitment to accept public financing if McCain did as well. But in a video message to supporters today, Obama says the system is broken and Republicans have “become masters at gaming” it.

While he will be passing up more than 84 million dollars, Obama has shattered fundraising records this campaign season, taking in more than 265 million dollars through April.

Obama would be the first candidate to pass up the public money since congress passed campaign finance laws in the wake of Watergate in the 1970s.

McCain has taken steps to accept the public funds. His campaign says the decision shows Obama “will do and say whatever is most expedient.”

McCain and Obama both declined public financing in the primary contests, avoiding the spending limits that come attached to the money.