Whitewater Widow Previous Husband Also Died from Gunshot Wound

A widow in Whitewater is still waiting for answers about how her husband, Alan Helmick died, but this isn't the first time she's mourning the loss of a husband. 11 news has learned that, back in 2002, Helmick's then husband of 26 years, Jack Giles died of a gunshot wound.

A police report details the death saying mIriam woke up to her alarm clock, went back to bed and then woke up again to the sound of a gunshot.

Her son, who was also in the home at the time reported hearing his mother yell and run out of the couple's bedroom. The death was ruled a suicide.

Alan Helmick was found dead in his Whitewater home earlier this month. Initial reports indicated there could have been a break in and the death was a robbery gone wrong, but investigators have not confirmed that theory or commented on a possible motive or suspect.

Miriam and Alan were married in June of 2006 at the Two Rivers Convention Center.

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