$10,000 bail for woman accused of hitting air crew

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Denver (AP) A federal magistrate in Denver says a woman accused of punching a flight attendant in the face can be released on $10,000 bond but she can't travel on planes or drink alcohol.

Christina Elizabeth Szele of Woodside, N.Y., was arrested June 17 on charges of assault and interfering with flight attendants on a Jetblue flight from New York to San Francisco. She is being held in Denver.

The FBI says she shouted obscenities and racial epithets at a flight attendant who tried to stop her from smoking. Szele allegedly broke through plastic handcuffs that flight attendants used to restrain her and punched an attendant in the jaw, prompting
the captain to divert the flight to Denver.

The magistrate set Szele's bail Monday. Her arraignment is scheduled for July 11.