Leap Frogs to Jump Into Country Jam

The Navy's parachute team, the Leap Frogs, will be hosting a fitness challenge for anyone interested in testing their metal against the best. The Leap Frogs will also be jumping into the action this weekend at country jam.

The Wounded Warriors is hosting the Leap Frogs for the event. Leap Frog Team members say Grand Junction has been very warm and friendly toward the parachute team. For team member John Murray this jump will be a sort of homecoming, as he is a Grand Junction native and graduated from GJ High School.

The Navy parachute team the Leap Frogs will land in Mack for the first time at Country Jam. "6:30 on Friday, 6:00 on Sunday and then we also have the SEAL fitness challenge at the Orchard Mesa Swimming Pool which you should come and check out, it's a great time. Good opportunity to get a workout in and test yourself against the SEAL fitness program," says John Murray of the Leap Frogs.

You can pre–register for the fitness challenge by calling 1–800–237–7392. Everybody who pre–registers will get to attend the leap frogs practice jump at country jam on Friday morning. If anybody is interested in learning more about the SEALS or the the Leap Frogs follow the links bellow.