Colorado Mines Safer Than 20 years Ago

Underground mines are inspected in Colorado by the Federal Mine Safety Administration four times a year. Officials say while there have been accidents, the safety at those mines is actually above average. There was a methane explosion in a Colorado underground mine back in 1981 in Redstone, Colorado that killed 15 people. Since 1995 there have been six additional deaths, the last one was in 2000. According to Colorado Mining Safety Training Program Manager Bill York–Feirn, minors are required by the federal government to receive new miner training and refresher training every year. Violations range anywhere from not having enough reflective tape on your mining helmet to the accumulation of combustible materials. York-Feirn says, "The mines in Colorado have had really quite an excellent safety record in general, we haven't had a fatality in the coal mining industry since 2000, metal non metal have experienced some but lower than the national average. We provide awards to operators every year and there are new operators and a lot of the same operators that have excellent safety records." Currently in Colorado there are seven underground mines and four surface mines.