UPDATE: Man Arrested After Truck Starts Two Mile Fire Along Interstate 70

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Authorities say they have arrested 48-year-old James Oliver, after his truck started a two mile long fire along Interstate 70 Tuesday night.

That fire broke out just before 8:30pm Tuesday. Officials say Oliver was driving his truck westbound on Interstate 70 near Horizon Drive when it struck a curb or guard rail, creating sparks and igniting the vehicle.

They say as the flaming truck continued to drive along the interstate, it caught brush and grass along the road on fire.

Seven units were dispatched to the scene between 26 1/2 Road and 24 1/2 Road. Fire officials say crews were able to get the fire under control within 20 minutes of arrival.

Two structures near 25 Road were threatened, but officials say there were not damaged.

Police say Oliver got off the interstate at 24 Road, drove up to H Road, then jumped out of his vehicle and took off on foot. Officers say they were able to track him down about an hour later with the help of some citizens.

Oliver was arrested and booked into the Mesa County Jail. He is facing charges of DUI, careless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident.

The fire caused around twenty thousand dollars in damages.