Arrest Made In College Vandalism

The Grand Junction Police Department has arrested one man and is looking for another suspect they believe vandalized Mesa State College.

Eighteen-year-old Matthew J. McElroy was taken into custody last night and is facing two felony charges. The break in to the college occurred sometime around 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday at the Moss Performing Arts Center. The men caused more than fifteen thousand dollars worth of damage.

Police were able to identify the two suspects thanks to the help of an eyewitness and local military recruiters. Before the vandalism occurred the men had spoken with a music student. The witness told police the suspects could have been in the military because the two men were talking about the military and McElroy had a tattoo which associated him with the Marine Corp.

The Grand Junction Police Department then contacted the local Marine Corp. Recruiting office and was able to identify the suspects. The men may have been intoxicated at the time the crime was committed. The second suspect has been identified but not apprehended.