Hack Saw Fight

Around noon on Sunday, Chris Foster and his friend were driving East on highway 50 when they witnessed a series of events they couldn't believe. Foster tells 11 news that as they were driving, they saw two trucks. One was chasing the other, while going East in the West bound lanes.
The later truck was apparently spilling groceries onto the road. Foster tells 11 news that the two trucks pulled over in the 600 block of highway 50, and that's when one man pulled out a hack saw and tried to hit the other.
The witness then explained how one of the men then got in his truck and tried to run over the other. In the process, the man driving the truck ran it into a tree and abandoned the vehicle.
So far police have been unable to locate either the suspect or the victim in the alleged fight.
Officers have processed the scene but have not turned up any hack saws or even blood. Police patrolled the area for at least an hour but did not find either man involved in the incident.