Impostors Reportedly Posing As Appraisers In Black Forest Burn Area

Scene from the Black Forest Fire, June 2013
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Impostors posing as appraisers are reportedly trying to take advantage of people in the Black Forest burn area.

The El Paso County Assessor says they have received a number of reports from residents who have been contacted by people erroneously claiming to be from the assessor's office.

County assessor Mark Lowderman said appraisers finished property inspections June 28 and will only return to the area at the property owner's request.

Employees with the assessor's office will have county IDs and business cards, and will also drive official vehicles with "Assessor's Department" on it. Residents living in the burn area are advised not to give any information to people claiming to be from the assessor's office that cannot show any positive identification.

The county reminds the public that it is a felony to impersonate a public official.

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