Montrose Growth

The once small town of Montrose Colorado has become one of the nation's fastest growing small metropolitan areas.

Montrose has more than doubled its population in the past 15 years and is expected to gain another six thousand residents in the next four years. Montrose offers people plenty of open land to build on, a nice and mild climate, and outdoor recreation.

Mix that in with less crime, traffic and population as a big city has and its no wonder Montrose has become a prime target for homeowners and investors. Not only is the population of Montrose growing but so is the property value. Before the typical appreciation on a home was four to five percent.

This past year that appreciation rose to seven to eight percent. But for people wanting to move to Montrose may have to wait. According to published reports for the months of October and November the city saw an all time high number of building permits being purchased.

For people looking to buy homes in the high $100,000 range they are looking at a three to four month waiting list for a new home to be built. Buyers looking to purchase homes in the $300,000 and $400,000 range have more of a market and less of a wait. But even with the growth the town is planning to keep the same old small town atmosphere its residents have come to enjoy.