Deister Sworn In As New District Judge

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The new year kicks off a new job for one of Mesa County's most distinguished legal figures as Thomas Deister is sworn in as a District Judge today.

As Judge for the 21st Judicial District Deister will handle cases usually more serious than those he heard in his previous position as a County Court Judge. He says this is the realization of a long–cherished dream, and still remembers some advice given him at the beginning of his career in law. He says his father reminded him that it is as equally bad to find an innocent man guilty as a guilty man innocent.

Deister heard his first court cases just hours later this morning.

Later in the week he is to sit on the bench in the cases of Sam Lincoln and Charles Pruitt, who are accused of attempted murder and other charges.

The Governor has until tomorrow to choose a successor for Deister's vacated position in the county court.