Smoke Billows From Asiana Wreckage Overnight

The NTSB released a photo of the charred cabin interior of Asiana Airlines flight 214 on July 11, 2013. (Credit: NTSB/CBS)

Crews removing the wreckage of Asiana Flight 214 at San Francisco International Airport have encountered smoke.

Smoke billowing from the wreckage overnight Friday was captured by KGO-TV cameras. The news station says it occurred moments after crews used a sling to lift the fuselage.

The station says some debris fell out. It appears that the wreckage has since been removed.

Calls to airport and fire officials to determine the cause of the smoke were not immediately returned.

National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Keith Holloway says the agency was not overseeing removing of the wreckage, and he did not know anything about the smoke.

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