Methamphetamine Taskforce Announces New Action Plan

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Taking steps in the fight against Methamphetamine use has been going on for at least a year when the Mesa County Meth Taskforce was first established. Now following a nine month study on the impact of Methamphetamine in the county, the taskforce is putting its plans to stop Meth use into action. The new campaign includes a new website, a new telephone help line, informational brochures, and purple "live meth-free" bracelets to help bring awareness to the growing problem of Meth use. The Methamphetamine Taskforce is made up of about 40 individuals representing a variety of agencies. Methamphetamine use can start at any age, but unbeknownst to most community leaders is that many users try it for the first time during adolescence. Meth is no longer a working class drug, it covers all income, age, and ethnic groups. Most recently it's taken a toll on the county's human services and justice departments as people who are on meth become more apt to abandon children and commit crimes. From treatment to prevention to stopping the manufacturing of this highly addictive drug the community is being called upon to join in the fight against Meth. In order to break the cycle of addiction the taskforce is urging community members to step forward and become a foster parent, youth mentor, or volunteer for an agency that helps the victims of drug abuse. People can log onto www.methfree.mesa or they can call 683–HELP. The telephone help line should be operational starting Friday while the website will be up and running by the end of January.