Police Taser Man Wanted On Warrant Arrest

A refusal to spend two days in jail leads to an hour–long standoff between a suspect and officers from the Grand Junction Police Department and Mesa County Sheriff's deputies today.

Luke Crisco refused to leave his home when officers arrived to take him to jail for warrants on failure to appear before a judge. Officers found Crisco trying to escape through a bathroom window and used a taser to subdue the him,
but the stunned man fell back into the house.

Crisco's brother negotiated with officers from the bathroom window as others in the home talked to the police by telephone. He finally came out of the house in a borrowed wheelchair, and was carried to a police cruiser while loudly proclaiming his refusal to submit to law enforcement.

The deal brokered between law enforcement and Crisco ensured he would spend no additional time behind bars for today's incident. He was not injured by the taser.