Addicts Paid to Go On Birth Control

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Its called Project Prevention and its founder says they will pay women with addictions to get on birth control.
The program will pay up to $300 a year to any woman with an addiction who starts long term birth control. These women have to prove that they have an addiction and that they are on birth control before they are paid, however what the money can be spent on is not regulated by the program.

"Yes they may spend that money on drugs but that's their choice, the babies don't have a choice," says founder Barbara Harris.
Some people think that's like giving money back to the drug dealers.

Project Prevention made a special detour into Grand Junction at the request of county commissioner Janet Rowland.

Harris says, "the women are not the victims here the children are and people need to realize that." Harris says they do recommend drug treatment centers to anyone applying for the money. But Harris says the money is not paying for the birth control since most of the women who qualify are already eligible for free medical help.
"The $300 is on the other side of them getting birth control saying 'thank you for being responsible here is 300 dollars,'" says Harris.
Despite the controversy Harris says they only focus on one issue here.

"As long as they are on birth control and they are not going to keep having child after child at least we've accomplished something."