Investigators: Two Fires In Black Forest Park Are Arson

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Homeowners in the Black Forest area are outraged that someone would intentionally start a fire just a few miles from where the Black Forest Fire ripped through hundreds of homes.

Two fires were started at Forest Run Park Tuesday, on the north end of the park near Black Forest. Investigators believe both were intentionally set. The fires were quickly put out, but nearby residents are still unsettled over the incident.

"We've had so many neighbors and other people we know affected by the fires, to think that somebody would intentionally start a fire that just gets me really upset," David Beck said.

"We live not too far from here...that's our home and it's not OK," Torrie Kalm told 11 News.

Investigators say they don't know if the two fires were started by the same person, and wouldn't say how far apart the fires were. Both fires were reportedly burning in pine needles in a very small area.

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa is asking the public if they see anything suspicious to call them immediately. The Sheriff's Office number is 390-5555.

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