Clifton Fire Fighters Battle Garage Fire

Flames spread quickly through the garage of a home earlier Friday evening, and firefighters fought to keep the fire contained.
Fire officials speculate that a car in the garage of the home is what ignited the blaze. The owner of the home told firefighters that she had been having car trouble earlier in the day, and Clifton fire says that the origin of the fire does appear to be the car in the garage.
Neighbors initially saw the flames, called 9–1–1, and ran over to help the elderly homeowner escape.
Her cat was trapped inside, but firefighters were able rescue the cat and resuscitate it. Luckily the casualties of this fire were kept to the car, the garage, and the kitchen. There is moderate to heavy smoke damage through the rest of the house however, which will force the homeowner to move out for the time being. The owner plans on staying with her sister, who lives nearby.