Recreational Pot Sales Inside The Springs Up For A Vote Tuesday

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Recreational marijuana may now be legal in Colorado with the passing of Amendment 64--but will it be sold in Colorado Springs?

City Council is voting on that issue Tuesday.

Under the new law, local governments can choose to opt out of allowing recreational pot stores to open in the city. Greeley, Montrose and Woodland Park have all approved bans on such shops.

The city held a town hall meeting over the matter last month. Community members, business owners and law enforcement agencies were all given the opportunity to weigh in.

Two people who attended the meeting told 11 News that they felt the community was neutral on the debate.

"Many of our members would be very happy to see the city opt out, but we have other members who would like to see it opt in," Dave Munger, president of the Council of Neighbors and Organizations, said at the time.

Even if the community is neutral, City Council is indicating it's leaning in a firm direction--and that direction is "No." Four council members have said they will vote against allowing recreational pot shops.

"I have concluded that licensing recreational sales would increase use among minors through an added degree of acceptability," Councilman Don Knight said in a statement.

Mayor Steve Bach has said he would veto the resolution if it were to pass. If the four council members hold to their current position, it's likely there won't be enough support for it to override the mayor's veto.

Projections show, however, that if the resolution were to pass, the city could stand to raise more than $3 million a year from sales.

The meeting will be held at City Hall at 1 p.m. 11 News will be at that meeting and will bring you results of the vote as soon as it's available.

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