Grand Junction's Homeless Shelter Waits For Much Needed Funding

According to HomewardBound's Executive Director Teresa Black, Mesa County Commissioners have changed the way they allocate grant money and in turn the process has been delayed for the shelter. Traditionally HomewardBound receives approximately 60–thousand dollars a year from the county.
The money typically comes from two different places. A 30–thousand dollar grant comes from the department of human services for their work to keep kids out of foster care. The other 30–thousand comes from a competitive grant process. Black says, "So far we haven't received any money.Typically we used to apply for community service block grant in August and this year there was a delay and we weren't able to complete an application until last week. So now we're just waiting to hear if the County Commissioners can continue to fund us at this level." Black adds that they were lucky to end their fiscal year with enough money to get them through the fall and the winter. But come spring they will really be counting on money from the Commissioners. The County Commissioners are holding a meeting tonight to determine if there was miscommunication over the application process, and whether to award the money to the shelter.