Why the city of Grand Junction hired consultants

This week is the deadline for consultants to apply in assisting the city in finding a new Police Chief for the Grand Junction Police Department.

Grand Junction Mayor Bruce Hill says this position requires extra attention since it's such a critical one. The city is looking for someone that will fit in not only with police department but the community as well. And the Mayor feels consultants are better suited to find the perfect candidate because they can reach out to more people.

In addition Mayor Hill says the city is planning to blend the city's human resources department with which ever consultant firm is hired. He believes by combing the two will be more cost effective because they wont have to pay consultants to do everything and they wont have to pull the city's current staff off of other projects to handle the police chief search.

The city is hoping to have this position filled by July of this year, until then, Undersheriff Bill Gardner will continue serving as interim police chief.