No Charges for Woman Accused In Husband's Death

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Canyon City, Colo. (AP) Prosecutors will not file charges against a woman accused of shooting and killing her husband, a former supermax prison guard who allegedly helped orchestrate attacks on inmates.

Prosecutors in Canyon City said 38-year-old Robin Gall may have acted in self-defense and that it was unlikely jurors would convict her. She was accused of shooting her husband Brent Thomas Gall in the chest with a shotgun after an argument on june 9.

The 40-year-old was one of 10 ex-prison guards dubbed “the cowboys” who were accused of organizing attacks on inmates at the maximum security prison supermax. He was acquitted along with three others during a 2003 trial. The rest of the guards either pleaded guilty or were convicted.

Robin gall was facing a second-degree murder charge.

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