Same Old Snag For Possible Grand Junction Retail Center

Developers looking to build a 100,000 square–foot retail center in Grand Junction, which would include a Kohls, hit another snag with the city's Planning Commission Tuesday concerning sign variances.
When the Texas-based company met with Planning Commissioners in December,
their request to build an off–site sign was rejected because the dimensions were not in compliance with the 24 Rd. corridor guidelines. The company down–sized the sign slightly, however during Tuesday's meeting, they were once again denied.
According to the guidelines, signage can have a maximum height of 12' and an area of 100 square–feet. Gulf Coast Commercial development was asking for a variance to allow for a sign 20' high, with an area of 195 square feet.
The company argues that because the building that will house Kohl's will be several hundred yards back from Patterson Rd., the sign is necessary to attract business. Gulf Coast also makes the argument that other signs along the 24 Rd. corridor are well beyond the required dimensions.
The commission was split on the decision, rejecting the request 4–3, with several commissioners saying while signage is important the guidelines were put into place to restrict visual pollution.
Despite the vote, developers are still confident the project will move forward.
The project did receive a conditional use permit Tuesday and although approval is contingent with the submission with an off–site sign that follows the 24 Rd. corridor guidelines, Gulf Coast Vice-President James Walker says another proposal will likely be submitted by the end of the day tomorrow.
Construction on the shopping center is still scheduled to begin in Feb.,
and if that happens Kohl's would be open by sometime in Oct.