Los Padres Forest Fire Moving Closer To Big Sur

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Berkeley, Calif (AP) More dry lightning is expected at the end of the week in California, where fire crews are already up against hundreds of lightning-sparked wildfires.

One fire in the Los Padres National Forest has burned 16 homes and is threatening another 500 in the scenic, coastal community of Big Sur. That 30-square-mile blaze is only three-percent contained.

Forecasters don't expect new electrical storms to be as bad as they were last weekend, when thousands of lightning strikes sparked about 800 fires across northern California. Most of them are still burning.

The largest fire, located in a more remote area of the Los Padres National Forest, covers more than 92 square miles and has destroyed two homes. That blaze, sparked by an escaped campfire, is more than two-thirds contained.

In Butte County, California, lightning-sparked fires are threatening 1,000 homes in an area just recovering from a blaze that charred 74 homes.