Legislative Session Begins In Denver

On Wednesday, representatives and senators from all over the state are gathered at the State Capital for the beginning of a tough session and despite differing opinions, all have a goal to do what is best for the state of Colorado.
Whether the issue is Referendum c, illegal immigration or sexual predators,
the people at the State Capital, including those that represent Mesa County,
will be working hard to make the best decisions for the people.
Even with the best intentions this is an election year that could change the party majority of both the House and the Senate and the fear is that fact will cause contention between parties.
Regardless of the looming November elections, there is still a job to do and there are some hot issues that will be on the floor this year.
First up is how to spend Referendum c moneyvand Rep. Josh Penry is backing a bill involving a sexual predator law to enhance safety.
The legislative session ends in May and Channel 11 will continue to cover the issues and topics that concern the Grand Valley.