Seniors Reaching Out For Help On Medicare Changes

Senior citizens wanting answers to their questions about the new Medicare prescription drug coverage gather in Grand Junction Thursday. Dave Norman, Executive Director for the Mesa County Area Agency on Aging offered up advice and answered as many questions as he could. Norman says many of the people in attendance are confused about which plan to choose, which company to sign up with, and how much more it will cost them. 42 million senior citizens are eligible for prescription drug benefits, but currently only about half of those people are enrolled. Dave Norman says it's important for people to realize if they are eligible but do not sign up for one of the plans by May 15th they will be penalized. "If you wait to enroll after May 15th then your premium will increase by one percent a month, so if you wait a year your premium will be 12 percent higher than it would've been this year."
More information on the Medicare changes can be found at: www.medicare. gov or by calling 1–800–MEDICARE