Governor Owens Gives The "State of the State"

Governor Bill Owens stood before State Senators, Representatives and colleagues for his last State of the State address in Denver Thursday.
"My agenda is ambitious because we are still on the job" the Governor said. He stressed that his last year as Governor was not going to be taken lightly, but he also described how far the state has come during his term. "Friends the state of our state is strong", he sad, but in his final year Owens vows to keep the state strong. One crucial topic Owens will wrestle with this term is how to spend Referenda C money.
Owens also spoke about helping tourism, education, and transportation and vows to give money to the low energy assistance program.
The Governor listed the programs and problems in Colorado that he feels need help in 2006 . The election for a new Colorado Governor will be this fall but until then the Governor promises to make decisions that will continue to strengthen Colorado.