Habitual Drunken Driver Arrested for Another DUI

A Fruita man is behind bars after being arrested for a DUI. This isn't his first offense - if convicted this would be his 15th DUI.

Gilberto Lopez has a criminal history with 6 felony charges and nine misdemeanor charges related to DUI. However this is the first time he has been arrested in Mesa County.

Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger says this man is a danger to the public. Most of Lopez's arrests have been on the front range or out of state. Hautzinger is looking to keep him in the Mesa County Jail for as long as possible.

"I have never seen somebody with so many drinking and driving convictions in the entirety of my 20 year career. I gotta think its by the grace of God that's nobody has been hurt in those,” says Hautzinger.

The DA's office says it plans to file habitual criminal charges against Lopez to keep him in jail for up to 12 years.