Bronco's Success Benefiting Businesses

It's Broncos fever across Colorado, with fans spending a lot of cash to show support for their team. And their success is also helping local businesses.

This has been a great year for the Denver Broncos. First winning the AFC Divisional Playoff game and now playing in the AFC Championship game this weekend. And of course fans haven't forgotten the possibility of playing in Super Bowl 40, which is why many are stocking up on Broncos memorabilia.

Sales for Gart Sports in Grand Junction have been up this year. Manager Jeff Peacock says every time the Broncos win a game, more people come in to buy more merchandise. The big sellers this week are the championship t-shirts, Broncos Jersey's and of course baseball caps. Peacock says if the Broncos win this weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers, a whole new shipment of merchandise will come in to make sure fans have what they want.

However, sporting goods stores in the valley aren't the only ones predicting an increase in sales. US Tech in Grand Junction is also expecting to see a spike. Salesman Brandon Brooks says if the Broncos make it to the super bowl then US Tech will see a big increase in sales.

Television may be the only way most fans will be watching the game. Tickets for Sunday's game sold out in about one hour.