Candidates Rub Elbows With Mesa County Republicans

Gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman and 3rd Congressional District candidate Scott Tipton take time to mingle during Friday's Mesa County Republican luncheon. Holtzman is poised to take on Republican Bob Beauprez in the March primary. At this time Tipton is running unopposed in the primary, though if he were to win he will take on Democrat John Salazar who's currently serving as the Representative in the 3rd Congressional District. Both campaigns will be putting a lot of emphasis on immigration issues. There's a bit of controversy surrounding the Holtzman camp today. According to the Associated Press, Holtzman is being accused of violating rules which require the Secretary of State to be notified when a campaign official resigns. The AP learned that Holtzman's campaign treasurer quit in October or November. Candidates are required to notify the office within five days of a resignation. A spokesperson for Holtzman says a notification form on the matter was mailed to the Secretary of State's office in December, but apparently was never received. Since then a second form was delivered and the spokesperson says the issue has been resolved.