Gas Prices Dropping

Western slope residents are starting to see a price break in the cost of gas, with a new competitor in town.

Today many gas stations in Grand Junction were forced to lower their gas prices, in order to compete with Western Convenience, a Denver based company.

The store opened its doors a few weeks ago, and is already winning over customers with their low prices. They are bringing their gas from the Front Range, which is why they say there are able to sell it so cheap.

This morning Western Convenience posted their gas price at $2.22 a gallon, and just a little while later, gas stations across town started lowering their prices as well. However, some local gas stations do not think cheaper is better. Daron Foust manager of the Gay Johnsons Conoco on 1st street says bringing gas in from the Front Range will do nothing but hurt local gas distributors and in the end affect the economy. He says his gas station is not trying to make a profit off the gas but their price reflects their distributors cost and distributors on the Front Range are just cheaper.