A Long Time Mesa County Employee Announces Her Candidacy For County Assessor

A life long Republican and long time Mesa County employee announces her candidacy for County Assessor. Barbara Brewer is seeking the position of Mesa County Assessor in the 2006 election. On Saturday at her Orchard Mesa home Brewer was introduced by State Senator Ron Teck and former Congressman Scott Mccinnis who both say she can get the job done. Since February of 2003 Brewer has served as Mesa County Public Trustee. Prior to that she was a Division Director of the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder serving in the County Clerk's office for 21 years. Brewer says her experience makes her the best candidate for the job. This will be brewers second attempt at filling the position.
She was beat out in the early 90's by Senator Ron Teck. The position is being vacated by term–limited Curtis Belcher. Karl Von Burg another Republican is also vying for the position of Mesa County Assessor.