Commissioners Approve New Intersection On Orchard Mesa

Mesa County Commissioners today approved a contract between the county and the Colorado Department of Transportation today for the re–working of a busy intersection on Highway 50. The commissioners approved 800–thousand dollars as the county's share for a 1.6 million–dollar redesign and construction of the intersection of 29 Road with Highway 50 on Orchard Mesa. The intersection will become busier as 29 Road becomes a major access to other parts of the Grand Valley when a bridge over the Colorado River is opened this summer. One Mesa County official says building the new intersection will be tricky because of the available space. Design of the new intersection will be similar to the one at 32 Road and Highway 50 just a few miles away. In the meantime, work on the bridge over the Colorado River also continues. Construction on the new 29 Road intersection should begin this spring and be complete at about the same time as the bridge.