A Toddler Reported Missing Turns Up Dead

A little after 1:30 afternoon a Fruita family reported their 2-year-old daughter missing from their home. Mesa County Sheriff’s Deputies and the Fruita Police Department were dispatched to home and began to hastily search the area. In the family’s front yard law enforcement officials found a large silver work-out ball covering the opening of a septic system. When they removed the ball and checked the hole they saw no sign of the little girl.
But during a second search of the same hole officials caught a glimpse of the 2-year-olds jacket.They quickly pulled her lifeless body out of the septic system and began c-p-r however they were unable to revive her on scene.
The toddler was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital and was reported dead.
As of 5:30p.m. at least a dozen investigators were on scene at the Fruita home trying to determine the events that led up to the little girl’s unfortunate death. The girl’s parents, grandmother and 3-year-old brother were the ones who reported the girl missing and were at home with her at the time.