Palisade Parents Concerned About Possible Liquor Store Near School

A liquor store opening up might not be that big a deal normally, however, the store in Palisade is in the proximity of an elementary school and has caused several parents and school officials to voice their concerns.
According to Colorado state law, any establishment that sells alcohol must be a distance of at least 500 feet from a school, however, the law does have a stipulation where local municipalities do have the right to adjust or wave the law, which Palisade's town board did in 2005.
The new liquor store will be approximately 80 feet from Taylor Elementary and parents say having a liquor store that close to a school will jeopardize the safety of the children with increased traffic flow and possible exposure to alcohol.
Liquor store owner Don Wood tells 11 News that he and his wife respect the concerns that have been raised and are responsible and ethical business owners,
adding that if they felt their store would have an adverse effect on children they would not open the business.
The public hearing for the proposed store has been closed and while the town board will decide next week whether to issue the liquor license Palisade Mayor Doug Edwards says at the moment the town has no reason not to grant the license.