Palisade Town Board Reopens Public Hearing For Proposed Liquor Store

On Tuesday night, Palisade's board of trustees was supposed to vote on a controversial liquor license, set to set up shop less than 100 feet from Taylor Elementary School in Palisade.
However after several weeks of public protest and comment from residents, the board has agreed to reopen the public hearing on the matter.
The concern of parents is still the proposed store's proximity to Taylor Elementary and Tuesday's board meeting actually had to be moved from Palisade Town Hall to the community center, due to an overflow of concerned parents and residents.
Dozens of people attended the meeting and Palisade Mayor Doug Edwards quickly informed residents that the board had four options in front of them: they could approve or deny the liquor license application,
set a secondary public hearing, or table the decision for a special meeting of the trustees.
With all the recent public comment about the proposed store, the board unanimously voted to hold a secondary hearing, which will take place Feb. 7.
Parents had a positive reaction and look forward to presenting new objections to the store.
Don Wood, who is applying for the liquor license, spoke with 11 News Colorado and he says he is still hopeful the license will be approved, adding he and his wife are still aware and appreciate the concerns of parents but says his business is not a threat to children.