Mesa County Planning Commission Listens To Public Concerns

The Mesa County planning commission has been meeting for the past year, to revise the master plan of Mesa County.
Thursday night was the second public hearing on the revised plan.

What the rural master plan does is break land up into sections,
and specify what that land should be used for in the future.
The things that are laid out in that plan are what size lots can be sold at
and how dense development can be if in fact open land was to be considered for homes or businesses.

The concern of many people at the meeting was that the county will be deciding what they can or cannot potentially do with their land.
Many land owners are concerned that the land that they had hoped would be an investment, could become a liability because it would fall into a zone that would make it difficult to sell.
Over sixty people were signed up to give comment to the planning commission board,
and the planning commission will take those comments into consideration before they decide to adopt the master plan.

The board is scheduled to meet again on February 2nd and if
the board still feels they need to hear more from the community,
a public hearing will also be held on that date.