Palisade Town Trustees Repeal Overlooked Liquor Ordinance

On Tuesday, Palisade's Board of Trustees voted to reopen the public hearing on a proposed liquor store that will be less than 100 feet from Taylor Elementary School. However, prior to the meeting, an important ordinance still on the books pertaining to alcohol distribution was brought to the attention of the board.
The town ordinance that was enacted in 1991 made it a criminal act to distribute alcohol within 500 feet of a school.
According to Palisade's Town Attorney the ordinance was overlooked,
as there are currently three establishments that sell alcohol within 500 feet of school grounds.
The ordinance was brought to the attention of Palisade's Board of Trustees prior to their meeting last night and it was during this meeting that the board voted to repeal the ordinance.
Last year, the board also repealed a state ordinance stating that liquor selling establishments must be at least 500 feet away from a school.
Concerned parents tell 11 News that they maintain their concern is not with any of the existing establishments that sell alcohol but with the proposed liquor store itself and it's something that will be addressed during the reopened public hearing that's set for Feb. 7th.