Federal Agency To Release Crash Report

The National Transportation Safety Board is expected to release it's final report on the November 2004 crash of a private jet in Montrose that killed three people including the son of NBC Sports chairman Dick Ebersol. The document includes reports from investigators as well as transcripts of the cockpit voice recorder.

The focus of the NTSB investigation has been icing on the wings of the business jet. Investigators have said pilots did not request de–icing even though it was snowing and temperatures were below freezing that day.

The plane was taking off for South Bend,Indiana when it went off the end of the runway, breaking up and exploding in flames.

The crash killed Teddy Ebersol, pilot Luis Polanco and flight attendant Warren Richardson lll. Dick Ebersol and older son Charlie were hospitalized and co–pilot Eric Wicksell was critically injured.

The report is expected to be released on Thursday.