Penry Sponsors Bill to Crack Down on Violent Sexual Predators

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There are over 400 sexual offenders in Grand Junction and Mesa County but only some of them are considered violent sexual predators, and Penry's legislation hopes to strengthen laws dealing with them.

Violent Sexual Predators are defined as sexual offenders who have a high propensity to commit another sexual crime and those who targeted strangers or befriended people for the sole purpose of sexually abusing them.

This proposal comes after research conducted by the Attorney Generals Office exposed some loopholes in the current law.
Legislators hope that the passing of this bill will help the state keep a continuous pulse on where violent sexual predators are at all times.

The bill has several parts to it.
The first is to increase punishments for predators that fail to register when they move to Colorado.
Violent sexual predators tend to move around a lot,
and the bill would open up the definition of violent sexual predator.
If an offender has been classified as a violent sexual predator in another state, this bill would make sure that they would also be seen a a violent sexual offender in Colorado as well.

The bill would make also make sure that before sentencing,
every single person convicted of a sex crime,
would be given a psychological assessment...

These changes will cost Colorado money and that is one of the reasons why these changes haven't been made before.

For the full text of the bill, you can go to
It is senate bill #22.