Grand Junction Truck Contract Going Out To Bid

The City of Grand Junction needs about a dozen new pick?up trucks and on Wednesday, city council members vote to send the contract out to bid.
The city's purchasing department was ready to buy the trucks from a dealership in Fort Collins through a state contract. However, the vote will delay the purchase, in an effort to give local dealers a chance for the contract.
Through state contracts local governments are able to buy anything from office supplies to vehicles and the state awards those contracts to specific dealers who apply.
Grand Junction Mayor Pro-Tem Gregg Palmer questioned the purchase of the 11 Chevy Silverado pick-ups, saying there were several Grand Valley car dealers that he contacted that could match the $168,000 price?tag.
With Wednesday's vote, the contract will now go out for public bidding, with the hopes of awarding it to a local business. However, City Purchasing Manager Ronald Watkins says this route has not been very successful.
"We'll put the advertisement in the paper in the next couple of days, but we haven't had much response locally in the last five years," Watkins said.
Wile the purchasing department does want to make the best in the interest of city tax payers, if an out-of-town business comes in with the lowest bid, that's the direction they'll want to go in.
The item will go out to bid by the end of the week and the contract should be awarded around the end of Feb.