Local Legislator Announces Two Bills That Could Strengthen The Western Slope Economy

State Representative Bernie Buescher is currently working on two bills he hopes will strengthen the Western Slope economy.

The first is a bill that would allow Colorado wineries to sell and ship their wine out of state. Currently there's a state statute that prohibits wine from being shipped, but a supreme court decision last year ruled that statute unconstitutional. The bill Buescher is sponsoring will revamp the current statute, opening up the potential for increased revenue for local wineries.

The second bill sponsored by Buescher would allocate 15 million dollars to tourism advertising,
in order to stimulate the state's tourism industry,
and bring more vacationers to the Western Slope.
The investment of those millions has the potential to return almost 3 billion dollars to the state in tourism dollars.

The fifteen million dollars would come from gaming funds that are collected from state casinos, the passing of Referendum C freed up that money to be used for something like tourism.