Homicide Investigation into a Toddler's Death

The death of two-year-old Keaton Anderson has been in the media for the past few days. On Thursday Keaton was brought to Saint Mary's Hospital with severe head injuries, at that time there was speculation that there was possible child abuse, but it wasn't until Thursday that the Mesa County Coroner officially declared this case a homicide.

The infant was pronounced brain dead two days after he arrived at the hospital and had undergone one surgery. Mesa County Coroner Rob Kurtzman performed a postmortem examination on Sunday and found the toddler died from a blunt force injury to the head. And while Kurtzman couldn't give out specifics on his findings, pending an investigation, he did confirm the child was hit multiple times.

11 News contacted the toddler?s father, while he was not willing to give a comment on camera today, he did say that the truth will come out during this investigation. The Grand Junction Police Department is handling the investigation.