Six Rafters Rescued from the Colorado River

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The Grand Junction Fire Department and the Mesa County Sheriff's Office had to rescue six people from the Colorado River Saturday afternoon.

At around 3:30p.m., officials got a call from one of the rafters saying the party had gotten separated.

The group had tied rafts and tubes together but when one sprung a leak and they got separated they started to worry because they weren't wearing life jackets and had lost their paddles so there was no way to control where they were going.

Three of the people were able to make it onto an island near the 29 Road Bridge, another also climbed to shore. The sheriff's office used a boat to pick them up. The others stuck in the water were also rescued by boat.

No one was injured.

Officials say this should serve as a reminder to all that the Colorado River is powerful and folks should be well prepared when setting out to float it.

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