Colorado Man Dies of Hantavirus

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AP_ Weld County Health Officials say a 38-year-old man has died after contracting the Hantavirus carried by Deer Mice.

Officials say the man may have gotten the disease while doing
yard work in May. The man's name wasn't released. He is the second
person in Colorado to die from the virus this year.

The disease is mostly prominent in rural areas and people working in cabins, sheds and barns usually contract it. People get
the disease when they breathe in contaminated dust particles
containing deer mice feces or urine.

Four people in Colorado died from the Hantavirus last year, tying a record for the state set in 1993.

Symptoms start within two to three weeks after exposure and include vomiting, high fever, and flu-like body aches.

In May, a Delta man was hospitalized with Hantavirus. That man is now reportedly at home recovering.

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