What's New In Cosmetic Surgery

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In an age where it seems who you are is based on how you look more and more attention is being focused on advances made in cosmetic surgery. Some people may think getting that perfect makeover requires a trip to a big city like Denver, but that's not the case. From face lifts and body contouring to laser vision correction and teeth whitening, these procedures are not just for Hollywood movie stars anymore and some of the latest and greatest technology for cosmetic improvements can be found right here in Grand Junction. Dr. William Merkel has a new device called the Portrait. It can reduce skin pigmentation, tighten the skin, reverse the color on the surface and reduce wrinkles. The portrait mixes Nitrogen gas and radio frequency to form plasma and in the form of hot air the substance resurfaces layers of skin virtually anywhere on the body. The process creates a bronzing effect which eventually peels off revealing the fresh, firmer, unpigmented skin underneath. The one time treatment is ideal for someone not wanting to undergo surgery but does require about a week of recovery time and can cost anywhere between $1,000 to $3,500. Unlike the Portrait, which is rare, laser vision correction surgery such as PRK and Lasik has been around for years and is widespread, but surprisingly only one doctor in Grand Junction performs it. Dr Grant Geske charges a little more than $2,000 per eye which may seem like a lot when you see advertisements for Denver offices charging $999, but Dr. Geske says beware of deep discounters. Dr. Geske performed between five and seven hundred surgeries last year, and still he says it's not about trying to maximize the quantity of patients, it's about maximizing the quality and the convenience of the care.