Make My Day: Legislation Introduced to Expand Law

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Legislation was introduced Monday that would re vamp the law,
commonly known as the "make my day" law,
taking it a step further to protect those that are protecting themselves.

The "Make My Day" law,
as it is commonly referred, says that if and intruder comes into your home to committ a crime, you can kill them, without fear of being prosecuted.

Legislation that has been introduced would expand this current law to include areas other than the home.
The proposal introduces places of work, a temporary residence such a hotel room, and vehicles into the mix.

Legislators hope is that this will deter people from committing a crime in the first place, but the Mesa County District Attorney says this opens up more opportunity for abuse of the system.

Currently anyone can protect themselves, anywhere, when their life is threatened, but the passing of this law would protect those that protect themselves from any legislation, civil or criminal.

Opponents say that the law doesn't need any changing.

This bill has not been made into law as of yet.
The proposal was introduced Monday to the legislature, so there are many changes that could occur in the bill before it is considered to be law.