Growth in the Grand Valley

Men in hard hats, bulldozers and loud noises, this site is becoming just apart of everyday life for many people here on the Western Slope and there doesn't seem to be any signs of it slowing down.

Diane Schwenke with the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce says unemployment in Grand Junction is at an all time low right now. One business that is booming is Timberline Bank, they're currently working out of a temporary building while the bank is being built, but already are seeing tremendous growth. Dennis King CEO of Timberline bank says the banks profit is four times ahead of what they had originally projected. Timberline Bank is set to open their doors on June 20th and are expecting to see an even larger growth spurt, but banks aren't the only sector thriving in the valley. Real estate is also seeing all time highs. Ross Beede owner and broker of GJ Real a Source says sales for 2005 were exceptional, but he says only time will tell if this momentum will continue.

The City and County are already preparing for problems that come with rapid growth, with projects such as the Riverside Parkway and 29 Road Bridge that will help alleviate road congestion.