Meth Task Force Updates Grand Junction City Council

Following a nine month study, the Mesa County Methamphetamine Task Force's White Paper, which outlines the strategy, was published just a few weeks ago.
The White Paper states what many already know, methamphetamine is clearly a problem in Mesa County.
According to Grand Junction Interim Police Chief Bill Gardner, nearly 70 percent of all inmates currently in the Mesa County Jail have committed crimes directly or indirectly related with meth. In addition, 85 percent of children involved in human services cases in the county come from homes where methamphetamine use is apparent.
Speaking from a law enforcement side, Gardner says along with stepping up efforts to combat meth?related crime, ranging from property theft to manufacturing the drug itself, police have to talk to those who could potentially become involved in drug use later on.
"Prevention is key. We have to develop a plan with schools and talk to children about the dangers of meth use, so we can stop them from ever getting started," Gardner said.
Gardner adds the task force will continue to update local governmental bodies on their progress.
On the task force also asked Grand Junction City Council members to contribute $5,000 in for the creation of a task force coordinator, who will be responsible for overseeing the task force's mission.